• Faculty, staff, and students with authorized accounts may use the computing and IT facilities for academic purposes, official Institute business, and for personal purposes so long as such use
    1. does not violate any law, Institute policy or IT act of the Government of India.
    2. does not interfere with the performance of Institute duties or work of an academic nature.
    3. does not result in commercial gain or private profit other than that allowed by the Institute.
  • Any attempt to circumvent system security, guess others’ passwords, or in any way gain unauthorized access to local or network resources is forbidden. Users may not use another person's computing account, attempt to forge an account identity, or use a false account or e-mail address.
  • Users are expected to respect the privacy of other users and they may not allow any other person to use their password or share their account. It is the users' responsibility to protect their account from unauthorized use by changing passwords periodically and using passwords that are not easily guessed. Sharing of passwords for any purpose whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Users may share the required files through a sharing software with proper ACL.
  • Downloading and installing of new software has to be done with the explicit consent of the respective facility in-charges. Installation of unlicensed software on IITD facilities, or on individual machines connected to the ITC network, is strictly prohibited.
  • Users are expected to take proper care of equipment, and are expected to report any malfunction to the staff on duty or to the in-charge of the facility. Users should not attempt to move, repair, reconfigure, modify, or attach external devices to the systems.
  • Violations of policy will be treated as academic misconduct, misdemeanor, or indiscipline as appropriate. Depending upon the nature of the violation, the institute authorities may take an action by issuing a warning through disabling the account. In extreme cases, the account may be completely deleted and/ or the user prohibited access to IT facilities at IIC, and/ or sent to the Institute disciplinary action committee as constituted by the Institute authorities.
  • The policy may change as and when it is considered appropriate and new policies or the changes in policy will take effect immediately after a brief announcement by any means, e-mail, printed notices, or through the news groups.