Department Administrators

Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Name:-devendra dargaiy
School of Education (EDU)
Name:-Madhulika Verma
Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC)
Name:-Resin Paul
School of Electronics (ELEX)
Name:-aparna deo
School of Biotechnology (BIOTECH)
Name:-nikita chordia
School of Statistics (STAT)
Name:-amit kumar
Information Technology Centre (ITC)
Name:-jaydeep sisodia
School of Education (EDU)
Name:-school education
School of Instrumentation (INST)
Name:-neha bakawale
School of Library and Information Science
Name:-abhilasha savale

Name:-rajendra goyal
School of Mathematics ( MATH)
Name:-mahesh lodhi
School of Statistics (STAT)
Name:-school stat
School of Energy & Environmental Studies (SEES)
Name:-ramcharan kapoor

Name:-kratika neema
School of Life Sciences (SLS)
Name:-tushar banerjee
School of Journalism & Mass Comm. (SJMC)
Name:-abhishek delwar
Academic Staff College (ASC)
Name:-ankita rajawat
School of Pharmacy (PHARMACY)
Name:-tamanna narsinghani
International Institute of Professional Studies
Name:-almas nabi

Name:-anjum sheikh
School of Future Studies & Planning (SFSP)
Name:-pappoo awale
School of Yoga (Yoga)
Name:-neeta malviy
School of Physical Education (SPEDU)
Name:-gopal joshi
Institute of Management Studies (IMS)
Name:-piyush kendurkar
Information Technology Centre (ITC)
Name:-Rajesh Yadav

Name:-Javed Khan
School of Computer Science & IT (SCSIT)
Name:-javed khan

Name:-tarun malkar

Name:-itc itc

Name:-meeta jain

Name:-department of Life Long Learnning dolll
School of Economics (ECON)
Name:-School of Economics Deepak Patidar

Name:-School of scocial science Sarika Dixit
School of Chemical Sciences (CHEMICAL)
Name:-atul bhardwaj
International Institute of Professional Studies
Name:-admin mail

Name:-community college cargo management
Department of Life Long Learning (DACEE)
Name:-admin admin
Computer Centre
Name:-Computer Centre
Academic Staff College (ASC)
Name:-Deen Dayal Upadhyay Kaushal Kendra DAVV